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The Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund I




<h2>Who or What is Archimedes' Offspring?</h2>

Who or What is Archimedes' Offspring?

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<h2>Invention Portfolio</h2>
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The Offering


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<h2>Reasons to Invest</h2>

Managment and Board of Directors

1. Raymond P. Burrasca
President & CEO; Managing Partner, Investors; Board Member
Ray Burrasca, is a 40+ year experienced legal and finance professional . He is the founder & organizer of and Windom Peaks Capital.


2. Joan Van De Griek
CFO & Vice President – Accounting and Auditing; Controller; Board Member
Joan has over 18 years of accounting and auditing expertise in joint ventures, closely – held, non-governmental, retail and health businesses.


3. Carshon Rodgers
Independent Board Member: Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund
Ms. Rodgers is a registered independent Investment Adviser with over 20 years of experience in the broker-dealer and financial advisory industries.


4. Robert Hausslein
Independent Board Member: Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund
President (retired), Inventors Association of New England, one of the older inventor groups in the United States, founded in 1977.


5. Eckehart Zimmermann
Independent Board Member: Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund
Owner, Triad Engineering, Inc. which is a mechanical engineering consulting company that provides a wide range of services in product design and development.


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The Company's offices are located in mid-Eastern Tennessee, a stones' throw from the North Carolina border, with easy access to hotbeds of innovation, both in Knoxville, Tennessee and North Carolina's Research Triangle, with Atlanta, Georgia just few hours away.

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(303) 910-2344

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Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund I
Att: Raymond P. Burrasca
President & CEO

380 River Bend Way #249
Del Rio, TN 37727

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Company and Deal Documents

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Past Successes

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